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Your opportunity for an exciting career path begins here. We are proud of our culture and work environments. We value relationships built on integrity and performance. Our people are recognized and rewarded for their contributions to the success of our customers, and in turn the success of our company.

Careers at ARCH Medical Solutions and ARCH Cutting Tools

Precision manufacturing of medical instruments and implants plus a wide range of cutting tools.

Careers that make a difference

ARCH team members play an important part in making a positive impact on lives worldwide—and they do it in a positive work environment. Our people have the opportunity to advance through our organization, receive training, and learn from experienced mentors. We work just as hard to ensure are employees are taken care of as we do our customers.

Hear what our people are saying at ARCH

“I actually went from machinist to a management position. It’s very important for people to grow and move forward here.” — Jamey Jones

“It makes me proud because the parts we make are going into people’s bodies, which is good because we are saving lives.” — Makhlouf Boucheneb

“Everybody I have encountered just has a very positive aura about them. It’s a great company to work for.” — McKenzie Hughes

“ARCH is a company that has a huge investment in employees. My pathway to management and leadership was available.” — Michael Sinja

“ARCH has helped me with everything I needed. There’s not many companies that will do that. It’s very appreciated.” — Danielle Parks

“ARCH has given me a better quality of life overall. I have a greater knowledge in diagnostics and in keeping the machines running properly.” — Kent Pearson

“As your career progresses, the ARCH team is helping you and giving you guidance to progress as much as possible.” — Anthony McGuffey

“People stay at ARCH because everyone is friendly; the opportunities and benefits are there; everything you’re looking for in a company.” — Susan Mulcahy

“You can trust the people in the corporation to do what’s right for not only you, but your family as well.” — Nick Ellis

“In these past short three years, I’ve moved up in my position here and in my career. I’ve learned a lot here at ARCH.” — Morgan Winegar

“The opportunities are definitely there if you’re willing to put in the work and are open to learning new things or trying different things.” — Derrick Austin

“When I first started working for ARCH, I had no clue about anything in this field. I learned on the job. Now, everybody comes to me.” — Daniel Loiselle

“I enjoy coming to work daily. At the end of the day, I’ve accomplished a lot of things, and I feel good about myself when I leave.” — Sharon Silva

“Manufacturing is a great field to be in, especially kids right out of high school. You get to learn different aspects every day. This is a great career.” — Ingy Fortes

“We have a very unique culture. Everybody is highly motivated and very passionate about what we do here at ARCH.” — Lucila Romano

“I love the people on my team. I appreciate the environment, and I appreciate the help and support that I receive from them.” — Jerimia Turner

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Making a difference in the world

Precision is measured in microns. Performance is measured in results. True success is measured in positive outcomes.

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