Entrepreneurial spirit of America’s leading precision manufacturers.

Leadership Team

Guiding the success of our mission

ARCH has one defining focus: To become a true partner to our customers, integral to their development processes and exceeding their expectations in quality, delivery, and service. Thoughtful leadership and support enable us to fulfill the promises we make.

The entrepreneurial spirit and values that made our individual companies successful are the same ones that continue to guide our endeavors to become America’s leading precision-manufacturing company. As we leverage our combined resources to enable cost efficiencies and create greater performance outcomes for our customers, the ARCH leadership team is routinely and deliberately mindful of the culture we are building.

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Growing together

Sharing and collaborating between our facilities is a focused effort at ARCH. Ongoing investments in the business through people, processes, and technology help each of our segments excel at what they do, enabling them to achieve higher levels of performance and success in the markets they serve. ARCH leadership ensures that the needs of the business segments are met through capital and extended resources for technical expertise.

Leadership team in Quality Control room
Expertise from top to bottom

ARCH leadership is a balanced combination of skilled individuals from within the industry as well as entrepreneurial thinkers from outside the industry that help guide the evolution and growth of our organization. Many of our leaders possess technical backgrounds, engineers that have grown into managerial roles, mentors for our future leaders. In addition to manufacturing expertise, best-in-class leaders in human resources and recruiting, information technology, sales and marketing, and finance support the ARCH mission. Collectively, these resources bring advantages that span the entire range of our facilities.

ARCH Leadership team
Collective resources for knowledge

ARCH encourages a culture of knowledge-sharing in which leaders can reach out to their counterparts and colleagues throughout the organization. They collaborate on solutions that elevate capabilities and throughput, ultimately delivering an enhanced customer experience. Shared best practices and processes across modern and automated facilities create a fast-paced and rewarding environment for our people. Financial stability and strength ensure our customers have a trusted provider with extensive capabilities. Leadership helps maintain a consistent and reliable approach at all levels of the organization.

We are strategically aligned to key market sectors we see as vital to the future of American manufacturing. These market sectors include medical, aerospace and defense, and a range of technology-focused industrial segments that are reliant upon evolved precision-manufacturing solutions in order for these market participants to achieve success. The ARCH management team leads the synergistic alignment of our diverse and scalable resources in support of the needs and success of our customers.

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