ARCH Cutting Tools has a storied history of cutting tool innovation

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ARCH Cutting Tools domestically designs and manufactures the foremost cutting tool solutions for the industrial marketplace. From in-stock standard tools to highly engineered custom tooling solutions and services, ARCH provides a significant return on investment for precision-machining operations. Our cutting tool innovations begin with collaborative problem-solving at the spindle. ARCH Cutting Tools specialists work in close collaboration with our customers to define and solve application-specific challenges.

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We have a storied history of cutting tool innovation, a heritage that continues with more than 350,000 square feet of manufacturing space in facilities across the U.S. Standard in-stock tooling solutions provide a wide range of solid and indexable tooling options to meet all your drilling, milling, and turning needs. We have more than 25,000 standard tools in stock, available through nationwide distribution and representatives. Our drills, mills, countersinks, counterbores, and reamers are backed by expert technical assistance.

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Precision tooling solutions
American-made standard and special cutting tool solutions

The same level of expertise in precision-machining tooling solutions we provide to all ARCH operations is available to enhance the performance of your manufacturing operations. We can support your application-specific needs with a broad set of standard and custom tools, including micro tools, specialty tools, and tools with advanced coatings.

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Laser-marking systems for tracking and tracing

An important addition to the ARCH Cutting Tools portfolio is Beamer Laser Marking Systems, delivering American-made quality in a comprehensive range of fiber laser-marking machines. From tracking and traceability to serialization, 2D codes, and decorative laser marking for industries from automotive to medical and many others. Save production time and boost productivity with standard and custom solutions.

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