ARCH Cutting Tools has a storied history of cutting tool innovation

ARCH Cutting Tools

Full-service mid-sized cutting tool company

ARCH Cutting Tools is a full-service mid-sized cutting tool company. Built on the trusted general machining product portfolio of KEO®, the strengths of Ultra-Dex™ Indexable full-line tool solutions, and ARCH® Specials highly engineered customs. Offering our first-in-class customer service, backed by more than 350,000 square feet of American manufacturing excellence. Investing in the advancement of the cutting tool portfolio with the all-new Patriot High Performanceâ„¢ portfolio to meet the demands of end-users from aerospace to medical to high tech niche applications.

Precision Machining Expertise Chart: In-stock standard tools, Laser marking systems, 3D prototyping, Custom and specialty tools, Consultive services, Tooling services

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