Diversity, equity, and inclusion is a cornerstone at ARCH Global Precision

Values and Culture

Our commitment to a dynamic and thriving workplace

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are cornerstone principles of forward-looking organizations. It's not just about doing the right thing, it's important to building a strong business. At ARCH, these principles are woven throughout the fabric of our values and our culture. We are committed to developing our leaders and our company to best serve our current employees and our future employees.

Together, we rise

With best-in-class diversity and inclusion principles, we build teams that think differently, are more engaged, and perform better. We have created a work environment that makes every employee feel valued while acknowledging their differences—and enabling these differences to contribute to our company's success. More than ever, employees are looking for employers that share their values and operate responsibly. They want a strong sense of belonging and opportunities to perform meaningful work. This is what they find at ARCH.

A culture built on our collective success

ARCH is a high-performing business that succeeds because of its culture. Our employees are respected, accepted, and encouraged to fully participate in the organization. With an inclusive approach to our business, team members feel appreciated for their unique characteristics. They are comfortable sharing ideas and bringing their authentic selves to the table. Ultimately, this increases productivity, profit, and performance.

Valued by the people we serve

Our customers are among the leading OEMs across a diverse range of demanding industries. As their trusted partner, we are expected to meet higher standards and stringent requirements. We are valued for the quality of our work, and the service and support our people provide.

Our investors know that we go beyond simply "checking the box" to make our company resilient, competitive, and a great place to work. We demonstrate our caring nature through proper environmental measures. And by donating our time and financial contributions to local charities in our communities, we show that ARCH cares.

Here at ARCH, diversity, equity, and inclusion are not just buzz words … they reflect our genuine commitment to a dynamic and thriving workplace.

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