Precision-machined parts and components for industrial markets

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We build leaders in precision

ARCH is committed to providing industry-leading expertise. We invest in the latest CNC machining technologies and the most experienced business leaders, engineers, and machinists. We foster an environment of innovation and continuous improvement.


Precision medical manufacturing

ARCH Medical Solutions is a contract manufacturer for orthopedic and dental implants and instruments, plus components and subassemblies for robotic-assisted surgical equipment and medical devices.

Precision cutting tool solutions

ARCH Cutiing Tools offers a robust portfolio of precision cutting solutions backed by first-in-class customer service, engineers, machinists, and over 350,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

Precision component manufacturing

The Precision Components Group is now operating as ALIGN PRECISION under new ownership. We wish our colleagues all the best in the next exciting chapter of their strategic growth.”

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Making a difference in the world

Precision is measured in microns. Performance is measured in results. True success is measured in positive outcomes.

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Dedicated to quality and service

We utilize the latest CNC machining technologies, powered by some of the brightest and most experienced engineers and machinists in the industry. We foster an environment of innovation and continuous improvement. Our dedication to quality and service has helped us build a reputation for integrity, resulting in long-lasting customer and supplier relationships. ARCH offers a unified approach that brings financial strength, capacity, and scalability.

American Manufacturing, Serving the World

We are critical part production experts, machining and manufacturing components, subassemblies, and products to the most stringent requirements. We ensure machining accuracy and performance, with optimized surface finish and tolerances.