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Bring a new synergy to your precision-machined component and product development needs. ARCH combines application expertise and advanced technologies to serve medical, aerospace and defense, semiconductor, and other precision-driven industrial markets. We provide optimized manufacturing operations to deliver tight-tolerance complex parts. We focus on customer service to increase supply chain value. As a complete contract manufacturer, ARCH offers rapid prototyping, design assistance for optimal manufacturability, full production support, and technical mechanical assembly services.

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Specialized contract manufacturer of orthopedic implants and instruments, navigated and robotic-assisted surgical devices, and components for surgical robotic systems.


Expertise in the precision machining and manufacturing of components and subassemblies for leading OEMs of robotic-assisted surgical equipment and systems.

Aerospace and Defense

Proven and trusted supplier of complex hard metal and aluminum precision-machined structural components and subassemblies for fracture-critical applications.


End-to-end contract manufacturing provider of tight-tolerance, complex machined components and subassemblies for a wide range of demanding applications.


High-precision machining and copy-exact manufacturing expertise for critical tight-tolerance complex components and clean-room subassembly services.


Precision-machined components meeting strict geometry and tolerance requirements for applications subject to high pressures and extreme temperatures.

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Precision is measured in microns. Performance is measured in results. True success is measured in positive outcomes.

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We utilize the latest CNC machining technologies, powered by some of the brightest and most experienced engineers and machinists in the industry. We foster an environment of innovation and continuous improvement. Our dedication to quality and service has helped us build a reputation for integrity, resulting in long-lasting customer and supplier relationships. ARCH offers a unified approach that brings financial strength, capacity, and scalability.

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Solutions range from critical part production to the delivery of subassemblies and products, manufactured to meet the most stringent requirements. Our Cutting Tools Group ensures efficiency and performance, with optimized surface finish and tolerances.