Tight-tolerance and critical component manufacturing expertise.

Precision Components

Precision manufacturing of components and subassemblies

Technology continues to advance in all areas of manufacturing. ARCH supports a wide range of OEMs as well as Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers. Manufacturers in need of tight-tolerance components leverage our collective engineering and precision-machining expertise to optimize their success in critical applications.

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Tight tolerances and predictable results

ARCH machines complex and critical components for a variety of tight-tolerance applications. The talent and experience of our machinists combined with advanced programming software and multi-axis machining technology allows us to produce complex components to close tolerances very efficiently.

Industry-specific expertise

ARCH brings a broad range of precision machining expertise and finishing services to the development of complex, high-tolerance industrial components, assemblies, and products. Here are examples of the diverse range of industries we serve:

Components Engineering
Performance-optimized precision

Our application engineering teams bring a competitive advantage to manufacturers in need of performance-optimized precision component machining and related supply chain improvement.

  • Comprehensive milling, turning, grinding, and EDM
  • Prototype through production expertise
  • Components, products, and assemblies
  • Customized supply chain programs
Hydro Tru NCS lathe chucks provide greater accuracy

Elevate the precision of your turned components with standard and custom fixturing solutions. Hydro Tru NCS™ multi-jaw lathe chucks apply an even clamping force around a workpiece, greatly reducing distortion when turning thin-walled components.

American Manufacturing, Serving the World

With tight tolerances and a focus on consistent quality, ARCH manufactures precision-machined components and assemblies for a variety of industry specific applications.

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