Contract manufacturing for robotic-assisted surgical robotics


Contract manufacturing for surgical robotics

Robotic-assisted surgery represents the cutting edge of technological advancements in medicine. The enhanced precision and control made possible by robotic systems enable surgeons to perform delicate and complex procedures that are often difficult or even impossible using traditional methods. ARCH Medical Solutions supports this rapidly growing industry with skilled precision machining of components and subassemblies for OEMs of robotic-assisted surgical devices and surgical robotic systems.

The precise movements required for robotic-assisted surgery are dependent on exact meshing of precision gears. Tight-tolerance gears and critical components are flawlessly manufactured at our state-of-the-art facilities. Our custom-cut gears meet the most demanding requirements in the industry. Ongoing investments in the latest precision gear-hobbing, shaping, and milling equipment give us the capability to machine a diverse range of tooth forms. We offer a variety of heat-treating processes to enhance wear properties and strengthen gear teeth.

ISO 13485 certification
Precision gear cutting to within .0001”
Aluminum, stainless, plastics, high-nickel alloys
Implants, instruments, devices
Prototyping and MTO
Prototyping expertise

Perfect for form studies, fit-checks, and proof-of-concept testing, ARCH Medical Solutions specializes in providing fully functional, production-quality prototype parts. We machine prototypes according to your specifications and can produce robotic gears and parts as large as 6 inches in length, 18 inches in width, 40 inches in height, and 23 inches in diameter, using almost any type of metal, exotic alloy, or engineered polymer. We have expertise in setting up flexible, lean work cells to provide highly configurable turnkey manufacturing for complex assemblies.

Gear compoents for surgical robotics
Housing compoents for surgical robotics
Arm components for surgical robotics
Track components for surgical robotics
Motor housing for surgical robotics
Body components for surgical robotics
High-precision machining and manufacturing

We provide our customers with the best-in-class quality for tight-tolerance, custom-machined parts. ARCH Medical Solutions utilizes lean principles in ISO-certified facilities equipped with cutting-edge machining centers. We design, engineer, and manufacture our own fixtures and tooling in-house. We achieve exceptional quality and repeatability for our customers. We work with aluminum, alloys and exotic metals, and plastics.

ARCH Medical Solutions invests in the latest state-of-the-art CNC and inspection equipment to ensure the highest-quality parts and components are manufactured as specified. Our cutting-edge CNC manufacturing capabilities enable complex precision-machined components that are accurate and delivered on time.

Multi-axis milling and turning
Multi-axis machine

Our ability to manufacture precision components is elevated by our investments in a vast array of CNC machines and technologies. Using 5-axis high-speed milling and Swiss multi-axis turning capabilities, we can manufacture complex components in a single setup, accurately machining to measurements of micrometer precision.

Customized assembly services
Assembled robotics parts

Our assembly services incorporate an extensive list of mechanical fastening, adhesive options, and testing. In addition, material-joining methods include dip-brazing, laser, and ultrasonic welding for assembling a variety of complex products. ARCH Medical Solutions offers comprehensive services that include ultrasonic cleaning, bead blasting, laser marking, kitting, packaging, and more.

We can fill short-run orders as your demand increases or ramp up for full production. As with everything we do, all services are executed with accuracy and precision to satisfy the tightest of product tolerances and requirements.

Stringent standards for quality assurance

Quality control is monitored and managed through advanced metrology laboratories with multiple CNC coordinate measuring machines and video inspection systems. We inspect gear geometry and evaluate gear accuracy according to our ISO-registered quality program. All dimensions and metallurgical results are recorded to meet Mil-Spec, ASTM, ANSI, SAE standards. We also offer our customers engineering assistance, design-for-manufacturability services, program management, sub-supplier management, and a full host of complete turnkey manufacturing solutions.

Techinician robotics quality assurance inspection
Precision Medical Robotic components
Surgical instrument manufacturing expertise

ARCH Medical Solutions is capable of being much more than your trusted partner for precision machining of custom robotic components. Our expertise supports product development for a wide range of surgical instruments specifically for robotic systems and navigated surgical applications. We operate multiple FDA-approved facilities that serve as premier contract manufacturers of surgical instruments, implants, and medical devices for industry-leading orthopedic and medical device companies.

We offer you a contract manufacturing supply chain that is diverse, scalable, and reliable. Your outsourced manufacturing needs are in the hands of skilled professionals experienced in a diverse range of materials and alloys. ARCH Medical Solutions has a proven record of faster speeds and feeds across a broad spectrum of technologies. Our high-speed CNC machining expertise enables us to manufacture complex components with advanced geometries and tight tolerances.

  • Surgical instruments for robotic-assisted surgical systems
  • Navigated instruments for surgeon- and patient-specific applications
  • Diagnostic equipment components and mechanical assemblies
  • Surgical implants and orthotic devices
  • Bone screws, plates, and spacers
  • Respirator and ventilator components
  • Cutting tools, including diamond-coated tooling
Technician inspecting robotics parts manufacturing quality control
Mill-turn machining robotics parts
Machinist 5-axis machining robotics parts
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