Manufacturing precision-machined medical implants and surgical devices


Contract medical manufacturing

The demands of the medical device industry continue to evolve. Tolerances are tighter, materials more exotic, and intricacies more complex. ARCH Medical Solutions has the technical savvy and state-of-the-art systems to serve as your trusted partner for contract manufacturing of precision-machined medical implants and surgical devices. We provide an extensive array of medical manufacturing expertise at FDA-registered facilities. Place your medical manufacturing needs in the confident hands of specialists at ARCH Medical Solutions. Our experienced engineering teams are highly skilled in the production of orthopedic implants and instruments, navigated and robotic-assisted surgical devices, and precision components for surgical robotic systems.

FDA-registered facilities
ISO 13485 certification
Implants and instruments
Prototyping and MTO
Validated processes
Prototype through production capabilities

We have the capabilities and the expertise to serve your needs. In addition to meeting the quality standards and delivery times required by the medical industry, we are collaborative partners for design development services. Support for medical manufacturing seamlessly encompasses prototype development, precision machining, validated cleaning, passivation, heat treating, assembly, and related supply chain integration.

Whether your requirements involve prototypes, product launches or maintaining production needs, ARCH Medical Solutions has the contract manufacturing expertise to meet customer specifications with a vast list of high-precision CNC machining equipment, assembly and finishing capabilities, plus an unwavering commitment to quality assurance.

Medical instruments
Surgical instruments
Surgical implants
Surgical devices
Orthopedic implants
Surgical tools
Medical device and surgical instrument manufacturing expertise

ARCH Medical Solutions provides a strong technical staff to provide value-added engineering and design support services to complement our rapid manufacturing processes. Our expertise in precision machining supports a wide range of product development for medical, surgical, orthopedic, and FDA-compliant applications.

ARCH Medical Solutions is an ISO 13485:2003-certified orthopedic component manufacturer. Whether your requirements involve prototypes, product launches, or maintaining production needs, we have the contract manufacturing expertise to meet customer specifications with an unwavering commitment to quality assurance. We guarantee accurate, complete, and on-time delivery of precision medical components and surgical instruments machined and manufactured to our customers’ exact specifications.

  • Dental implants and abutments
  • Surgical instruments for surgeon- and patient-specific applications
  • Surgical implants and orthotic devices
  • Navigated and robotics surgical instruments
  • Components for robotic-assisted surgical systems
  • Diagnostic equipment components
  • Bone screws, plates, and spacers
  • Mechanical assemblies
  • Respirator and ventilator components
  • Cutting tools, including diamond-coated tooling
FDA-registered manufacturing facilities

As a contract manufacturer of medical devices for the orthopedic market we understand the critical nature of the products we make and the importance of their performance to both our customers and ultimately their patients. Our quality systems are structured to meet the requirements of the FDA's Quality System Regulation, 21 CFR Part 820. With multiple modern facilities across the U.S., we provide unmatched capacity in medical manufacturing. Our operations work synergistically for speed-to-delivery with a culture focused on meeting our customers' needs.

We offer you a contract manufacturing supply chain that is diverse, scalable, and reliable. Your outsourced manufacturing needs are performed at facilities backed by extensive working knowledge in a diverse range of materials and alloys. We have a proven record of faster speeds and feeds across a broad spectrum of technologies. Our high-speed CNC machining expertise enables us to manufacture complex components with advanced geometries and tight tolerances

Machinists working on EDM machines for medical manufacturing

High-precision EDM wire and electrode machining at one of our clean, modern facilities.

Overlook of medical manufacturing facility with multi-axis machines

High-speed multi-axis milling and turning machines include palleted and robotic automation.

Combined experience and technology

ARCH is dedicated to the advancement of precision-machined solutions for the medical industry, and we offer an impressive combination of engineering expertise and precision-machining technologies to deliver on that promise. ARCH Medical Solutions facilities are premier contract manufacturers of surgical instruments, implants, and medical devices for industry leading orthopedic and medical device companies. We provide exceptional customer service and value by focusing on effective quality systems, open communication, and reliable delivery. We cultivate a talented and capable workforce by empowering employees, promoting training, and implementing the right tools and technologies.

  • Manufacturing, programming, and quality engineering
  • 3D rapid prototyping and 3D printing
  • Design-for-manufacturability services
  • CNC milling, turning, RAM EDM, EDM drilling
  • Wide variety of materials, including exotics
  • Certified passivation, heat treating, and finishing
  • Linear and radial laser marking
  • ISO-13485, ISO-9001, TS-16949, and FDA-approved
Engineer working on implant assembly, CAD drawing of implant on monitor

Skilled engineering and production teams ensure design-for-manufacturability efficiencies.

Quality control technician part inspection on CMM machine

Stringent quality assurance programs monitor tight-tolerances throughout production.

High-precision technology for medical manufacturing

It is no secret the machining of precision medical implants and components presents complex challenges. From achieving micro-intricacies with tight tolerances to the machining of difficult medical-grade materials, the manufacturing of orthopedic implants and instruments, navigated and robotic-assisted surgical devices, and surgical instruments demands the best in state-of-the-art equipment and a detail-oriented workforce. At every ARCH Medical Solutions facility, our clients have access to both.

ARCH Medical Solutions invests in the latest state-of-the-art CNC and inspection equipment to ensure the highest-quality implants, instruments, and components are manufactured as specified. Our exceptional CNC manufacturing capabilities enable the completion of complex precision-machined components that are not only accurate, but also delivered on time.

5-axis milling
Close up of 5-axis milling

Using 5-axis high-speed milling and multi-axis turning capabilities, we can manufacture complex components in a single setup. Such efficiencies are possible because multi-axis machines can move a part or a tool on different axes at the same time.

The multi-directional capabilities of 5-axis machines allows the tool to smoothly follow a contoured surface, ensuring the most precise and accurate medical component possible while also reducing production costs, time, and, most importantly, potential errors.

Swiss multi-axis turning
Machinist on Swiss Turning machine

Our capability to manufacture accurate and precise components is elevated by our investments in a vast array of state-of-the-art Swiss multi-axis turning machines. Using Swiss multi-axis turning, our components can be accurately machined to measurements of micrometer precision.

Swiss multi-axis turning machines turn parts using a fast-rotating lathe that shaves the metal down to a specific size. A Swiss-type lathe is a variety of turning machine that feeds the stock through a guide. This means the turning tool can cut the stock nearer the point of support—no matter how long the workpiece—making the Swiss-type CNC particularly effective for long and slender turned parts.

Engineering collaboration on spinal implant
  • Micro-to-massive, sketch-to-scale
  • Batch to high-volume production
  • Single-source project management
  • Secure data exchange
  • 3-, 4- and 5-axis milling capability
  • EDM machining—wire and electrode
  • Automation, pallet management, and robotics
  • Multi-spindle, multi-turret turning capabilities
  • Specialty and exotic metals, engineered thermoplastics
  • Comprehensive testing and cleaning
Customized services

When companies are searching for a medical devices and components contract manufacturer, they also are seeking expertise and an extensive list of value-added services. They desire a partner that can handle a project from conceptualization to full production and packaging.

ARCH Medical Solutions offers an extensive list of services that include ultrasonic cleaning, bead blasting, laser marking, assembly, and more. As with everything we do, all services are executed with accuracy and precision to satisfy the tightest of product tolerances and requirements.

Technician running passivation process
High-volume robotics machining
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