Contract manufacturing for tight-tolerance industrial applications


Contract manufacturing for tight-tolerance applications

Precision-machined components and assemblies play an important role in helping to achieve performance improvements for industrial applications. ARCH provides precision machining and innovative manufacturing solutions to customers in a myriad of high-tech industries. Whether machining tight-tolerance parts or completing value-add component assembly services, ARCH utilizes a wide range of in-house capabilities that give our customers a cutting-edge advantage.

ARCH supports high-tech industrial OEMs by providing high-quality contract manufacturing services that meet even the most challenging requirements. Our loyal customers entrust us to solve their complex machining and assembly needs from program start to finish. We can rapidly turn tight-tolerance prototypes to help you bring your product to market, optimize your manufacturing process, and support your long-term production needs.

Precision machining and assembly services
Prototype-through-production expertise
Supply chain solutions to shorten lead times
Reduce inventory costs for sub-components
Improved cost-effectiveness ratios
Value-added component assembly

Excellence in contract manufacturing goes beyond state-of-the-art equipment and processes at ARCH. Our depth of capabilities means that we can machine your tight-tolerance parts, and then our highly trained assembly technicians can build, test, and calibrate the most intricate assemblies. Customers know they can order assembled, tested, and verified components from ARCH, bringing value to their supply chain and internal operations.

Hydraulic Housing Components
Machined Metal Cover
Precision Industrial Components
Titanium and Stainless Steel Parts
Precision Aluminum Machined Components
Industrial Filter Housing
Clean-room assembly

For critical components that require assembly in an ultra-clean environment, ARCH can provide clean-room assembly services performed by highly trained technicians. We can deliver tested and calibrated final assemblies that adhere to your cleanliness requirements. Our clean room is rated at 10,000 ppm with a Class 1,000 hood.

  • Designated, filtered air supply
  • Controlled for temperature, humidity, pressure, and air flow
  • Dust-free—never exceeds 10,000 particles per cubic foot
  • Mitigates contamination risk during shipment and storage
  • Value-added integration combines complex machining and clean-room assembly services
Lab workers in cleanroom Assembly Industrial

Clean-room assembly services for critical components performed by trained technicians.

Industrial Manufacturing precision components facility

ARCH manufacturing facilities are modern, clean, and equipped with cutting-edge technologies.

Precision solutions from start to finish

ARCH is your turnkey solution for complex machined parts. Whether meeting .0001-inch tolerances or machining complex 5-axis geometries, ARCH delivers on its promise of excellence. Our broad range of internal capabilities leverages value-added opportunities for efficiently machining close-tolerance parts. We constantly push the limits of precision manufacturing, providing unparalleled solutions with the expertise and equipment to perform the most difficult operations.

ARCH provides much more than optimized manufacturing operations that deliver high-quality complex parts. We focus on customer service to increase supply chain value. With our broad range of capabilities, customers no longer need to juggle multiple subcontractors and vendors. They come to ARCH for one-stop, turnkey solutions for complex machining and component assembly. As a complete contract manufacturer, ARCH offers rapid prototyping, design assistance for optimal manufacturability, and full production support.

Cutting-edge quality

ARCH climate-controlled metrology labs are equipped with primary method of measurement, coordinate measuring machines, and more. Our customers expect flawless manufacturing of their close-tolerance, critical components and demand they adhere to their inspection requirements.

Machinist on Multi-Axis Milling Machine
High-Speed Turning Machine
Milling Precision Components
Demand-driven manufacturing

ARCH has developed a demand-driven mentality in our operations so your parts arrive as scheduled, eliminating operational downtime. We can provide just-in-time manufacturing services and dock-to-stock supply, enabling your parts to move directly into your manufacturing lines. Component assemblies are ready for use upon delivery, and all shipments include certificate of conformance guarantees.

  • Reduce in-process inventory and carrying costs
  • Improve quality and efficiency
  • Consistent production scheduling
  • Seamlessly flex production schedule as needed
  • Six Sigma methodologies
Precision industrial parts
Precision Industrial Components
Industry-specific expertise

ARCH supports a wide range of OEMs as well as Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers. Industrial manufacturers in need of tight-tolerance components leverage our collective engineering and precision-machining expertise to optimize their success in critical applications. A synergistic combination of experienced machinists, advanced programming software, and multi-axis machining technology enables us to efficiently produce complex components.

  • Semiconductor fabrication
  • Firearms and defense
  • Chemical and fluid control
  • Electro-mechanical equipment
  • Industrial products and systems
  • Nuclear energy
  • Steel mills and construction
  • Transportation equipment
Performance-optimized precision

Our application engineering teams bring a competitive advantage to industrial manufacturers in need of performance-optimized precision component machining and related supply chain improvements. With a focus on tight tolerances and consistent quality, ARCH can precision-machine and manufacture components and assemblies for your industry specific application.

Hydro Tru NCS™ lathe chucks provide greater accuracy

Elevate the precision of your turned components with standard and custom fixturing solutions. Hydro Tru NCS™ multi-jaw lathe chucks apply an even clamping force around a workpiece, greatly reducing distortion when turning thin-walled components.

Lathe chuck close up
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