Aerospace and Defense

Precision manufacturing for critical part production

Highly skilled in machining and manufacturing of fracture-critical components, ARCH provides aerospace and defense, space, and commercial aerospace OEMs a unique breadth and depth of precision-machining capabilities. We are a proven supplier of complex, precision-machined components in aluminum, plus hard metals ranging from high-nickel-based alloys to titanium. Our advanced multi-axis CNC machining, CNC tube bending, and comprehensive secondary and finishing operations produce intricate, difficult-to-manufacture, and tight-tolerance critical parts for customers who require capabilities that support the next-generation needs and demands for future design. Multi-axis, multi-spindle, long-bed machines allow us to efficiently produce parts from micro to massive.

Multi-facility, multi-machine redundancy
Design-for-manufacturability expertise
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Cutting-edge capabilities

ARCH utilizes proven hard-metal and aluminum machining methodologies and invests heavily in progressive cutting tool technologies. Equipped with the latest technologies and equipment for CNC milling, turning, and grinding, and CNC tube bending and fabrication, our support encompasses all areas of contract manufacturing. We follow strict engineering and quality assurance processes in all phases of our manufacturing operations.

Fighter Jet
submarine with American flag above surface
submarine above surface
Hummer Crows
Shooting .50 caliber weapon
Certified manufacturing expertise

ARCH engineering, machining, tube bending and finishing expertise provides aerospace and defense customers turnkey solutions in a wide range of materials. We use the latest manufacturing techniques and adhere to stringent processes and standards.

  • ANSI, MIL, and NAS standards
  • AS-9100 and ISO-9001 certification, ITAR registration
  • Prototype through production
  • Components, products, assemblies
  • Customized supply chain programs
Hydraulic tubes with fittings

Precision-CNC tube bending and fabrication on rounds ranging from .250 inches to 2.50 inches in diameter.

Titanium wing spar of F15 fighter jet

Full-sized determinant assembly (FSDA) with more than 300 holes in a complex, hard-metal wing spar. Component shown next to a 12-inch ruler for scale.

Experienced in critical part applications

Our teams possess the knowledge and skills to provide high-quality precision-machined solutions—from micro to large envelope—for aerospace and defense manufacturers. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of demanding applications. ARCH has produced fracture-critical components and complex subassemblies for rockets, missile systems, satellites, Navy fleet, and state-of-the-art fighter jets. We are capable of machining tight-tolerance components in titanium, steel, or stainless steel in a heat-treated condition or high-nickel alloy.

One of our core competencies is the machining of very large, complex hard-metal structural components. High-torque, high-power, and multi-spindle machines are the winning combination for removing hard metal efficiently and quickly. We offer extensive capacity and multi-axis capability to produce very tight-tolerance shapes in hard metals as well as aluminum. With long-bed capabilities up to 120 feet and smaller support equipment, no job is too large or too small to support.

  • Missile systems, hypersonic missiles, and supersonic missiles
  • Aerospace structural components
  • Optical components, scopes, and scoping assemblies
  • Castings and forgings
  • Complex mechanical components
  • Firearms and weapon station components
  • Blades, fins, and spars
  • Conical and tapered structures
  • Housings for guidance, communication, and electrical
  • Soft-turned bearings
  • Struts and trunnions
Machinist working Multi-axis machine

Palleted multi-axis milling machines provide tight tolerances with speed and efficiency.

120 Longbed-gantry

Multi-spindle, long-bed gantry machines enable high-precision parts up to 120 feet long.

Prototype-through-production capabilities
Engineer working on CAD drawing of a part prototype

What starts out as a brilliant idea becomes reality with our prototype design, development, performance testing, and 3D-printing processes where necessary. Our customers can hold an advanced concept in their hand and follow it all the way through to production.

Our design-for-manufacturability process means the concurrent engineering of the product and its manufacturing process ensure quicker time-to-market by shortening product development, containing development costs, and ensuring smoother transitions throughout the production life cycle.

Validation and inspection
Inspection of part and validation

We adhere to stringent processes that monitor all aspects of production. ARCH employs the latest inspection technologies for the validation and inspection of manufactured parts and assemblies. We utilize laser trackers, portable 3D measuring arms, and coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) to ensure every feature meets or exceeds customer specifications. Inspection software is used to prepare first article inspection (FAI) documentation, collect FAI data, and prepare FAI reports.

Assemblies and vertical integration
Structural assembly

We offer extensive complementary capabilities that enable us to be a vertically integrated, one-stop choice for your complex structural component manufacturing needs. ARCH is fully equipped to provide a wide array of structural assemblies for aerospace and defense OEMs, from benchtop subassemblies to large aircraft structural assemblies. Our sheet metal capabilities allow us to manufacture and support major complex structural assemblies.

ARCH provides advanced supply chain management services, including raw materials, parts cleaning, identification, kitting, and packaging needs. We can add value to your parts outsourcing by performing additional processes, including assembly of precision components, microscopic deburring, plus installation of components such as bearings, snap-rings, thread inserts, and more.

Aeropsace 5-axis machining
Aeropsace 5-axis machiningy
Quick facts:
  • 9 state-of-the-art centers of excellence in the U.S.
  • 500,000+ square feet manufacturing space
  • 5- and 6-axis milling / turning up to 9-axis
  • Multi-spindle long-bed milling up to 120 feet / 36.5 meters
  • NADCAP-certified supply chain / ITAR-registered
NAICS codes:
  • 332313, 332322, 332510, 332710, 332721, 332722, 332991, 332994, 332999, 333514, 333517, 334511, 336412, 336413, 336414, 336415, 336419, 336992
Cage codes:
  • 1VUW1, 60207, 21037, 6KAR2, 3DFE9, 8UPK0, 3R370, 0DSX3, 69VM1, 8GWT4
Business size: Large
Hydro Tru NCS™ lathe chucks provide greater accuracy

Elevate the precision of your turned components with standard and custom fixturing solutions. Hydro Tru NCS™ multi-jaw lathe chucks apply an even clamping force around a workpiece, greatly reducing distortion when turning thin-walled components.

Lathe chuck close up
An integral part of your team

We are honored to have trusted relationships with leading aerospace and defense companies built on years of reliable service. Backed by collective capabilities, scalability, and financial strength, our success stems from a team-based culture that thrives on challenging projects—from supporting astronauts in outer space to providing soldiers with life-saving equipment for combat.

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