Engineering and design-assist services, precision machining and manufacturing

Synergy of Strengths

Cutting-edge capabilities, service, and support

Progressive companies in need of precision-machined component and product contract manufacturing services benefit from our synergy of capabilities. ARCH offers design-for-manufacturability engineering expertise. With multiple facilities across the U.S., we provide our customers a dynamic and scalable range of resources to answer their need for flexible production capacity, finishing services, and related supply chain integration.

Engineering and Design Assist
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We serve as a reliable and resourceful extension to your engineering team. Our consolidated expertise elevates the performance and cost-efficiencies of the precision-machined components, assemblies, and products we produce for you.

Machining and Finishing
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Scalable manufacturing capacity across multiple facilities nationwide is our answer to your need for the reliable production of high-quality precision-machined components, assemblies and products, and related finishing services.

Quality Assurance
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ARCH adheres to stringent processes, procedures, and standards. Our consolidated approach to continuous improvement is a core strategy, accounting for performance breakthroughs in quality assurance, value creation, and cost containment.

Customized Services
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More than precision machining, ARCH customized services bring you competitive advantages to your outsourced contract manufacturing needs, including subassembly, inspection, certification, kitting, packaging, and JIT shipping.

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