Quality processes and compliance-based manufacturing

Quality Assurance

Certified and registered quality processes

As a contract manufacturer specializing in precision machining, we truly understand the critical nature of the components and products we produce. We are intently focused on delivering exacting quality to our customers, and ultimately to their customers. We combine leading-edge expertise and industry standards to ensure consistent quality at every step.

ARCH facilities meet stringent industry specific quality standards and certifications. Review and download our documentation per location:

Quality and compliance you can count on

To provide products and services at the highest quality possible, we invest in the continuous improvement of our manufacturing and quality assurance processes. The sharing of knowledge, technologies, and best practices across our teams strengthens our competitive advantage, accounting for performance breakthroughs, value creation, and cost containment.

Technician quality part inspection
Perfection is the goal

Our inspection processes are full-cycle, with checks occurring before, during, and after manufacturing. By combining state-of-the-art metrology and stringent precision machining processes, ARCH ensures our customers the highest quality. Once materials are verified, manufacturing processes are controlled by rigorous in-process part inspections. Completed parts are then subjected to thorough inspections using the latest CMM machines, technology, and software.

Touch probe part verification
CMM precision inspection
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