Supply-chain integration, cleaning, kitting, and finishing services

Customized Services

Added value through streamlined integration

Beyond expert precision machining, ARCH customized services bring enhanced value to your outsourced manufacturing solution. We can help to engineer the complete design, manufacture, and assembly of market-ready products with shortened timelines, lower total cost of production, and related supply chain integration. Innovative, long-term agreements and the creation of new service programs can bring you an unprecedented competitive advantage.

Extra steps that make all the difference

We do all we can to make our customers successful. We welcome the opportunity to solve problems, regardless of complexity or time constraints. ARCH is fully equipped to provide Advanced Supply Chain Management services, including raw materials, and parts cleaning, identification, kitting, and packaging needs. We can add value to your parts outsourcing by performing additional processes, such as the assembly of precision components, microscopic deburring, plus bearing, snap ring and helicoil installations, and more.

We are here to help you to succeed

You can count on our team to work for you and to consistently deliver what you need. ARCH is committed to getting your product delivered to you on time, within specifications, and meeting all of your stringent quality requirements. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and learn how we can solve them for you.

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