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ARCH Precision Components

Contract manufacturing expertise for critical applications

ARCH is a proven resource for high-quality precision machining and contract manufacturing of complex hard-metal and aluminum components. From fracture-critical and large-scale structural parts for aerospace and defense projects to copy-exact semiconductor components and assemblies to high-precision energy and industrial equipment parts, our manufacturing support for OEMs is unmatched. Our teams bring superior application expertise to a range of high-tech and demanding industries that require tight-tolerance components machined and manufactured to exacting standards.

Industry Manufacturing Expertise: Aerospace and Defense, Energy, oil and gas, Transporation, Semiconductor, Electromechanical, Chemical and fluid

With multiple facilities across the U.S., we have the capability and the capacity to provide complex machining and assembly services. Our broad range of in-house capabilities leverage value-added opportunities for efficiently machining close-tolerance parts. We push the limits of precision manufacturing, providing unparalleled solutions with the expertise and equipment to perform the most difficult operations.

Precision Manufacturing Facilities America
Precision-machining expertise

We offer extensive capacity and multi-axis capability to produce very tight-tolerance shapes in both hard metals and aluminum. With long-bed machines up to 120 feet and a vast array of multi-axis equipment and capabilities, no job is too large or too small to support. ARCH adheres to stringent processes that monitor all aspects of operations.

Fighter Jet
Semiconductor production lab
Operator inspection dimension metal parts by CMM after machining process in industrial factory
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Markets served

ARCH supports OEMs as well as Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers for a wide variety of industries and applications. Manufacturers in need of tight-tolerance components leverage our collective engineering and precision-machining expertise to optimize their success in critical applications.

  • Aerospace, space, and defense
  • Semiconductor fabrication
  • Electro-mechanical equipment
  • Nuclear energy, oil and gas
  • Transportation
  • Industrial products and systems
  • Chemical and fluid control
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